What is Enigma Surfaces made of?

Leading the industry in creativity, AHD Surfaces is proud to introduce Enigma, an innovative new material comprised of Gibbsite, AI (OH)3 and Silicon Oxide, SiO2, succeeding in a crystalline and consistent structure.

What makes Enigma Surfaces so remarkably different?

While traditional engineered quartz surfaces are composed by 93% of silicon oxide (quartz) and 7% of flexible resins and pigments, AHD Surface is going beyond this conventional compound. With the incorporation of aluminum hydroxide, ADH Surfaces has developed a better outcome which substantially improves the traditional engineered stone´s behavior at short and long term.

Quarried from natural rock, the aluminum hydroxide is characterized by its fantastic malleability which gives the surface the flexibility, lightness and strength to carry out any design, regardless of its difficulty. 

Likewise, aluminum hydroxide offers a fundamental feature to create hyper realistic patterns: translucency, allowing light to pass through the compacted material, giving to AHD Surfaces an unbelievable depth and texture, with the result of a multidimensional slab, where several shadows are drawn at different levels, feature that is exclusively seen in natural stone.

The cure and compaction with silicon oxide result in a final product very resistant to impacts and very low thermal conductivity, improving considerably the performance of usual engineered quartz and other similar products. Therefore, AHD Surfaces guarantees the product durability.

What is NEOS?

Nano Enhancement of Surfaces, NEOS, is a new and cutting-edge technology that will be hard to go unnoticed in the market. It is a new high-performance stain and substance repellent technology developed for Enigma Surfaces.

This is due to the chemical stability of NEOS which resists ranges between pH1 and pH13, making it the only protectant resistant to a broad range of chemicals.

NEOS has been innovated to form a permanent bond with the components of Enigma Surfaces; its technology requires zero maintenance and requires no future application because NEOS lasts forever. This makes Enigma Surfaces the most durable product in the industry.

What finishes I can find

Enigma Surfaces has launched three exceptional collections that show character and style: Nazca, Moai and Pyramids. Nazca and Moai are both produced in silk finished, while Pyramids offers silk or polish finished, depending on the color.

Enigma Surfaces’ Polish finished represents the elegance of a supernatural gloss surface and emphasizes the richness of the color and its veins. Every single characteristic of the stone is shown through its unique translucent transparency, making any space become sophisticated, luxurious and contemporary. The natural light remarkably reflects on Enigma polish finished to create an airy and vivid atmosphere. The supernatural gloss reveals beautiful patterns never seen before.

Enigma Surfaces ‘Silk finished represents the softness of a satiny touch and creates an environment of natural beauty by balancing the light through the countertop. The color and veining are featured with amazing authenticity, bringing out natural characteristics of the stone with no complex. The absence of reflection adds character to any room and makes the ambience feel more real and attractive, aesthetically impressive. A pleasant silken feeling that provides warm but also shows a piece of bold design.

The very hard part is choosing only one from these spectacular patterns!

What slab options I can get

The slab dimensions of Enigma Surfaces are: JUMBO SLAB 126´´ x 63´´ (1600mm x 3200mm) or, under special order, ORIGINAL SLAB 56.5´´ x 120´´ (1400mm x 3000mm). The slabs are available in two thicknesses: 3/4´´ (2cm) or 1-1/4´´ (3cm).

All colors are produced in all sizes and thicknesses. Check with your nearest distributor the stock available in your territory.

How to find a dealer

Enigma Surfaces is exclusively sold at our partners ‘warehouses. Where to Buy Enigma Surfaces’ locator put you in contact with the best distributors working with us. Click at https://enigmasurfaces.com/where-to-buy/ and find your nearest distributor.

Our experts will not only help you to buy your Enigma Surfaces and decide which color suits you best, but will also advise you about other spaces where you can use Enigma Surfaces, how to maintain it and how to register the warranty.

Where to order samples

To order samples, please contact your nearest distributor at https://enigmasurfaces.com/where-to-buy/ and find your nearest distributor.



The sample I saw looks different from the installed slab

Enigma Surfaces is made with Gibbsite and Silicon Oxide. Variation in the natural stone color pattern, size, shape and shade are inherent and unique characteristics to be expected with this product. This does not affect the material performance in any manner.

Color blotches are intended and designed into many designs to enhance the natural beauty. Samples are small select cuts from a slab; they do not exhibit all the characteristics of a design and therefore are not fully representative of what will be installed. Product will not be replaced due to these variations.

Are seams visible on Enigma Surfaces?

Enigma Surfaces´ products are not seamless. Seams are visible. Where there are seams, the product pattern and shade can change. During the layout process, determine all your seam locations. This is very important to ensure the optimum aesthetics of the material and the overall design.

We highly recommend reading our professional Enigma Surfaces Fabrication Guide.

Does Enigma Surfaces need to be sealed sometime?

Enigma Surfaces does not require any waxes or sealants because it is a non-porous surface. Enigma Surfaces retains its lustrous gloss and smooth surface without the need for polish or sealant.

Can I use Enigma Surfaces for commercial applications?

Yes. Enigma Surfaces is perfect not only for residential applications, but also for an extensive range of commercial uses such as furniture cladding, reception counters, bar tops, flooring, coffee tables, etc. Transform your business space from common to spectacular. Add a touch of elegance and design to offer unforgettable experiences. 

Can Enigma Surfaces be installed vertically?

Yes. Enigma Surfaces can be used in vertical applications such as wall cladding or backsplash, including behind your gas cooktop.

Can I use Enigma Surfaces for wall shower?

Yes. Enigma Surfaces is a non-porous material, and thanks to NEOS, its water absorption is 0.01%, making our product a perfect selection for wall bathroom applications. The dimension of Enigma Surfaces ´slabs ensure any custom bathroom design will be carried out efficiently, with less joints, more hygiene and less maintenance.

Can Enigma Surfaces be installed outdoor?

No. Enigma Surfaces is made with Gibbsite and Silicon Oxide, also resin and pigments. Resin can be damage in the case of continuously exposure to adverse weather conditions or ultraviolet light.

Can Enigma Surfaces be used as flooring?

Enigma Surfaces can be used as flooring; however, it is not recommended, especially in areas with high traffic. Please notice that any application in flooring is expressly excluded from the warranty.

How much of an overhang is needed for an Enigma Surfaces ‘kitchen island?

Overhangs cannot exceed 1/3 of the countertop depth and must have a minimum length of 24". We highly recommend reading our professional Enigma Surfaces Fabrication Guide to get further information about overhangs and support requirements.

What is the best edge for my layout?

Selecting the edge is an important decision to ensure the perfect design of your room! The proper edge profile will add impact to the beauty of your Enigma Surfaces ‘worktop and will integrate it into the design of the space.

Enigma Surfaces offers a wide variety of edge profiles, from most popular to complicated laminated edges to make your surface look even more striking.

Enigma Surfaces highly recommends consulting a professional fabricator regarding the election of sharp edges since those are more prone to chipping if they are not properly fabricated. The larger radius, the more resistant. We also highly recommend reading our Fabrication Guide to get further information regarding edges.



How to care your Enigma Surfaces

For routine cleaning, simply wipe down your Enigma Surfaces ‘countertop with a damp cloth or paper towel and a pH neutral cleaner for natural stone.

To keep your worktop beautiful, spot free and shiny you can use a wide selection of available cleaners and their respective pH levels, since NEOS resists ranges between pH1 and pH13, making it the only protectant resistant to a broad list of chemicals and safe from acid corrosion.

Check our Care or Maintenance Guide.

Will substances penetrate Enigma Surfaces?

Enigma Surfaces is a non-porous material, it performs less water absorption than any other brand in the market. Additionally, thanks to NEOS, Nano Enhancement of Surfaces, a new and beyond-belief technology which repels substances and stains, no substances will penetrate the surface to leave a mark on it.

How to clean Enigma Surfaces flooring

Spray a clean and damp dust mop with an antistatic aerosol 6 or 7 times and leave it to stay overnight to dry prior to use. Mop the floor in the morning. Scotch-Brite™ Microfiber Cloth or similar, whether dry or damp, are also successful in picking up dust and dirt from Enigma Surfaces without leaving any lint.

Periodic cleaning

In the case of surfaces subject to heavy traffic of use be, Enigma Surfaces recommends the use of a heavy duty intensive and neutral cleanser at least once a month, which is stronger than a daily cleaning product.

In the use of industrial cleaning machines, make sure that soft pads are used on the machines while strictly avoiding wax stripers. Customers that use industrial-cleaning machines should always use appropriate types of pad and brush. For the dense dirtiness to resolve, professional cleaning products are applied by using a cleaning machine with plastic brush or soft pad. Following the application of the cleanser, rinse the surface thoroughly with water.

Can I use bleach on Enigma Surfaces?

Can I use bleach on Enigma Surfaces?

Do not expose Enigma Surfaces to products including, but not limited to, bleach, oven cleaners, Comet®, Soft Scrub® with Bleach Cleanser, SOS®, products with pumice, batteries, paint removers, furniture strippers, tarnish or silver cleaners, or the like. Do not use abrasive or harsh scrub pads. Do not apply any sealers, penetrants or topical treatments to Enigma Surfaces under any circumstances. Such products will wear off and cause the finish of the countertop to appear dull or inconsistent.

If any of the substances mentioned above meet your Enigma Surfaces ‘countertop, rinse the exposed surface immediately and thoroughly with water.

Can I use strong alkaline cleaner on Enigma Surfaces?

No. Do not expose, in use or otherwise, Enigma Surfaces to abrasive or strong alkaline or acid or free radicals or oxidizers or the like above pH13 cleaners. Various chemicals are corrosive and/or erosive in their ability to attack any structure including Enigma Surfaces. Be very aware of these potential damages to your surface, especially paint removers or furniture strippers containing trichloroethane or methylene chloride.

If any of the substances mentioned above meet your Enigma Surfaces ‘countertop, rinse the exposed surface immediately and thoroughly with water.

Can I use acetone on Enigma Surfaces?

No. Do not expose Enigma Surfaces to acetone as it will leave a film on the countertop surface. We recommend using denatured alcohol if needed. Acetone is harmful to resins and should never be used as a cleaner.

If acetone meets your Enigma Surfaces ‘countertop, rinse the exposed surface immediately and thoroughly with water.

Does Silk Finished require extra maintenance?

Unlike most honed finishes in the industry, Enigma´s Silk finished does not require extra maintenance than do polish finished. Our NEOS technology sees to it that fingerprints and staining are a thing of the past.  Please refer to our Care and Maintenance document for daily cleaning instructions.



How to remove grease film on the surface

If you have used soap to clean your Enigma Surfaces´ countertop, notice that surfactants in some soaps may leave a greasy film on the surface. The film can feel sticky and is very difficult to remove. In this case, Soft Scrub® All Purpose Cleanser can be used to remove any film or haze created by those surfactants.

How to clean up spills before they dry

Use a nonabrasive cleaning pad such as a white 3M Scotch-Brite™ Light Hand Pad coupled with pH balance cleaner for natural stone.

Granite cleaners that are available at Lowe´s, Home Depot or local grocery stores are typically pH neutral and can safely be used to clean Enigma Surfaces, such as Stone Care™ Granite, Quartz & Stone Daily Cleaner. Soft Scrub® All Purpose Cleanser or Bar Keepers Friend®. Denatured alcohol could be also used, if needed.

How to remove stubborn stains and dried spills such as wine, coffee, tomato sauce…

Any multi-purpose cleaner or detergent can be safely applied on these stains if water is used to cleanse the surface thoroughly off the detergent residues after treatment.

For extra-stubborn spills, use Scotch-Brite™ Light Duty Scrub Sponge. Let your pH neutral cleaner emulsify on the stain, then wipe off. If the stain persists, you can use stronger cleaners such as Soft Scrub® All Purpose Cleanser or Bar Keepers Friend®. Scrubbing done with these or similar would not damage your Enigma Surfaces´ worktop. Enigma Surfaces should never let dry out without rinsing thoroughly any residual cleansers.

How to remove cooking grease

When grease from cooking is an issue, you can use Greased Lightning® Multi-Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser, or a comparable degreasing product to remove the grease from the surface. Follow the cleaner manufacturer's instructions.

How to remove permanent makers

Keep permanent markers and inks away from Enigma Surfaces´ countertops. In case any meets the surface, clean first as mention above. If the stain persists, moisten a cloth with Goo Gone® or a comparable product, and rub it into the stain. Rinse thoroughly with warm water to remove any cleaner residue.



Is Enigma Surfaces chip or scratch proof?

Although AHD Surfaces has improved the material resistance existing in the market, you must remember that the surface is not heat or fracture proof in any form. Be aware of the potentially damaging effects of these items to your Enigma Surfaces countertop.

Enigma Surfaces is durable and more resistant to surface damage than other stone. However, all stone can be damaged by force and no material is chip-proof. Objects hitting edges, particularly at sinks or dishwashers, may generate chips. Notice that the election of the edge can make a difference. Enigma Surfaces highly recommends consulting a professional fabricator regarding the election of sharp edges since those are more prone to chipping if they are not properly fabricated.

Though a minor knife slip will dull the knife and not harm Enigma Surfaces, no stone surface is scratch proof. Surface markings are more visible on monotone designs than multi-colored surfaces.

Is Enigma Surfaces heat proof?

Although, AHD Surfaces has improved the heat resistance, to prevent potential heat damage, do not place hot skillets or roasting pans directly onto the surface. We recommend the use of trivets and hot pads.



Where to find the batch number

You will need the batch number to register your warranty. Please contact your fabricator to obtain this information. Please notice you are responsible for entering the correct batch number. In case it is not correct, your product may not be properly covered.

How many years are covered by Enigma Surfaces Warranty?

Enigma Surfaces by AHD Surfaces offers an innovative new material comprised of Gibbsite and Silicon Oxide. This next generation material passes stringent quality standards and controls producing a beautiful and durable surface perfect for myriad uses.

Enigma Surfaces provides a 25-Year Residential Limited Warranty to the original owners/purchasers of Enigma Surfaces installed in indoor residential and commercial projects.  We warrant that the material will be free of manufacturing defects for the term of this warranty.

Additionally, thanks to the cutting-edge technology of NEOS, Nano Enhancement of Surfaces, an innovative high-performance stain and substance repellent technology developed for Enigma Surfaces, we are the only brand to include a Lifetime Stain Warranty for indoor residential or

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