Leading the industry in creativity, AHD SURFACES is proud to introduce ENIGMAan innovative new material comprised of Gibbsite and Silicon Oxide.
ENIGMA’s impressive attributes represent a new generation of countertops combining world class aesthetics with the performance new engineering processes provide; strength, durability and consistency.

The extraordinary variety of life and resources on Earth is fascinating. Human beings have the unique talent and inventiveness to transform matter around us to create something totally new, something never seen before.

Enigma Surfaces is a remarkable new material that certainly will revolutionize the stone industry due to its impressive features and numerous attributes. Enigma Surfaces will leave a mark in history by being the first to launch a new generation of countertops, resistant to stains and with the minimal maintenance requirements.

Molecule to molecule, the properties of the original material have been changed structurally at the nanoscopic scale in our laboratory.

The most experienced researchers have fluctuated the performance of the stone´s individual particles to achieve the creation of Enigma, an innovative and fresh agglomerate material able to meet sophisticated customer’s needs, providing creative options to home design as well as to inspire professionals in the design field.


With this significant milestone, Enigma Surfaces is proud to present three exceptional collections that show character and style:

The texture and uniqueness of the stones used for the construction of these totems mark the MOAI collection, with finished cements that represent a revolution in the sector. Unique and exclusive models, in a collection sure to mark the beginning of a trend.

Evoking the rocky appearance of the precious metal deposits characteristic of this area, where one of the most important mines in South America is located, these metallic patterns arise with colors and textures of unique beauty and singularity. These patterns are combined with new finishes that are sure to be the future of the stone industry.

Inspired by the noble and elegant materials that were used in the covering of these great architectural works, as well as in the construction and decoration of their temples and palaces, the PYRAMIDS collection was born, with high-end patterns, style and distinction. This collection is characterized by natural stone finishes with a beauty, sharpness and definition never seen before.

Based on a robotic 3D engraving system which allows the ink to penetrate 1mm into the slab, INK Possible Technology improves our product properties, authenticity and aesthetics.


Enigma Surfaces is made of superb gibbsite, Al (OH)3, and silicon oxide, SiO2, carefully selected to develop a crystalline and consistent structure. Leading the creativity in the stone industry, we are highly committed to research, innovation and development boosted by our innate passion and enthusiasm to launch new colors and patterns to amaze the world of decoration.


Translucency is a unique characteristic inherent to natural stone and almost impossible to replicate in engineered stone. Enigma Surfaces´ technology allows light to pass through it as in natural stone patterns, therefore the resulting design shows a hyper-realistic natural-look composition.


Enigma Surfaces’ slab dimensions and characteristics meet the highest standard of quality to ensure any custom design will be carried out efficiently.


Enigma Surfaces is a robust agglomerate of materials, perfectly suited for any residential or commercial application, giving customers the utmost confidence in their investment.


Enigma Surfaces features unbelievable veining and shades, blending effortlessly with beautiful backgrounds, adding realistic movement and texture to each pattern. Their natural look brightens any room and make you feel connected to the Earth.


Enigma Surfaces brings a comprehensive range of colors with beauty and distinctiveness, standing out with unique elegance and the perfect amount of personality. The only challenge will be choosing just one from our gorgeous color palatte.


Enigma Surfaces is protected by NEOS, Nano Enhancement of Surfaces, an extraordinary innovative high-performance stain and substance repellent technology. Available for all colors, polished and silk.


The following tests show the superiority and the outstanding advantages of Enigma Surfaces physical properties compared with various typical natural stones.